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Soul In Sight

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Soul In Sight - release date May 1st, 2016 by M.A.C.E. Records

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"Soul In Sight" by Michael Angelo Batio is a collection of great MAB songs from his discography (with other writers) that was recorded primarily to promote an over 30 city, 2016 Europe tour, as well as showcase these songs live. Michael recorded the Drums, with the help of long time friend and Drum virtuoso Rob Ross. Michael also recorded and played all of the Bass Guitar tracks, Leads, Rhythms and Keyboards. The Vocals were recorded by the amazing Italian vocalist Gianna ChillĂ . Gianna was a finalist on "The Voice" and is a truly fantastic talent. Some of the highlights of "Soul In Sight" include new versions of the "Holland" classics "Gotta Run" and "Basics of the Bullet." Also, a "Gary Moore" style Blues song written by Jim Gillette and Michael titled "You Broke My Heart In Two" plus a great remake of Michael's Metal classic, "Call to Arms."

"Soul In Sight" is an all vocal album. The songs are played with incredible intensity. Gianna's vocals are heartfelt and absolutely fantastic. Every song is memorable and well crafted. Michael's performances are as usual, 1st rate. The production is modern, crisp, clear and powerful. This album can be summed up in 2 words - great songs!

The song list, in order is:

1. Soul In Sight 2. Gotta Run 3. Spinning Room 4. You Broke My Heart In Two 5. Basics Of The Bullet 6. Call To Arms 7. I Just Can't Believe 8. Only The Love Remains