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Planet Gemini

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Planet Gemini - release date 1997 by M.A.C.E. Records

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"Planet Gemini:" is the incredible follow-up to Michael's "No Boundaries" record. This second album released in 1997 has a very progressive, hard edged sound from beginning to end. The title track "Planet Gemini" starts with a memorable pentaonic melody and then breaks into one of the fastest, cleanest blues riffs ever played. He also displays his great acoustic guitar playing on this track as well as in some other songs on the album. One of the best reasons to get "Planet Gemini" is the song "Time Traveler". There is a lead solo section that is so outside and fast that it is incomprehensible that a human could even play it! His guitar tone like "No Boundaries" is thick and smooth making the fast parts very audible and immaculate. There are many "mixed meters" on this album and the songs start and stop "on a dime" with tight arrangements and very clean production. Michael also does a remake of the song "The Jam Game" adding drummer Chuck White and keyboardist Frank Lucas to give this a flavor all of it's own. Added to the mix are 2 never before heard instrumental versions of the songs “So Much to Live For” and “These Four Walls”. This record has been a big seller!

Repackaged and remastered in 2006 to include 3 additional tracks. 2 never before released versions of the songs “So Much to Live For” and “These Four Walls” plus a bonus track!

Track listing in order: 1. All Systems Go  2. Planet Gemini  3. Far Reaches of Space 4. Across Our Universe 5. Time Traveler 6. No Boundaries Part 2: a. intro b. The Jam Game 7. To Alpha Sector Two 8. So Much to Live For 9. These Four Walls 10. Enough is Enough