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NITRO Gunnin' For Glory

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NITRO Gunnin' For Glory - release date 1998 by M.A.C.E. Records

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"Gunnin' for Glory" by the band "Nitro" features the entire original band. This album is comprised of demos from the first and second Nitro releases. Also songs recorded by the original Michael Angelo Band were added to the album that were tracked within months of Nitro's first demos. The performances are mind-blowing. The album starts with a song called "Freight Train". "Nitro" was billed as the Highest, The Fastest and the Loudest and they live up to their billing on this song. The vocals are super high, the background vocals are as big as the band "Queen" and Michael Angelo Batio plays one of the fastest and cleanest solos you will ever hear a guitarist play. You could say it is "perfect shred guitar"! This was Michael's second major label record deal. Singer Jim Gillette went on to marry rock superstar Lita Ford. This is a great representation of the band. Every song "kicks butt". The performances, production and arrangements on EVERY TRACK are exceptional. This is an all vocal album with killer guitar solos of course! A must have!

Track listing in order: (Nitro) 1. Freight Train 2. Shot Heard 'Round the World 3. Long Way From Home 4. Prisoner of Paradise  (Michael Angelo Band) 5. Drivin' Me Crazy 6. Love Strikes Back 7. Victim of Circumstance (Nitro) 8. Nasty Reputation 9. Heaven's just a Heartbeat Away  10. Gunnin' For Glory

Pictured above is a photo of an article in the January 2005 issue of Guitar One Magazine focusing on Michael’s solo from the “Nitro” song “Freight Train”. They rated the solo a 9.8 out of 10 in technical difficulty. 10 being a solo that is impossible to play!