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Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity

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Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity - release date 2000 by M.A.C.E. Records

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This is Michael's fourth solo album released in January 2000. Michael concentrated on 2 main themes for this record. 1. Every song would have great verse and chorus melodies. 2. The solo sections would be intense and uncompromising. He accomplished both goals on this record. The first track "Stop Complaining" is a perfect example starting with chorus rhythms that sound majestic and powerful going into a verse that is very cool and Van Halen-like. The songs on this album are long, averaging 5 to 6 minutes apiece. The solo section of "Stop Complaining" starts modulating from key to key to key with Michael "blazing" over the difficult progression in one continuous flurry of perfectly executed notes. Don't try this at home! His playing always makes sense and is coherent whether he is playing over 220 on the metronome or playing a slow melodic verse/chorus. One of the best tracks on "Lucid ..." is called "Take a Look Around". The verse melody is beautiful and commercial while the chorus has Michael singing in the background over his guitar. "No Boundaries" drummer Rob Ross performed on the entire record and plays great on the disc. Rob also sings the chorus of the last song "Instant Glamour" which by the way sounds like a great "made for radio" tune. Progressive bass player William Kopecky also performs on 4 of the tracks. He is an awesome player. An incredible musician. Michael has the uncanny ability to tie many different musical ideas together and make them work. All in one song! His sense of melody on every track of "Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity" is phenomenal and when he plays fast there is no question that he is the master of musical warp drive! Not mentioned often is how great his vibrato is. When he bends notes they sound beautiful and his vibrato is intense and fiery. His masterful use of technique with feeling can be heard on every track.  

Track listing in order: 1. Stop complaining 2. Avalanche 3. She doesn't live here anymore 4. Take a look around 5. Enough is enough 6. Full force 7. Who can you trust? 8. Diary of an empty life 9. Instant glamour