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  • Holland - Little Monsters album

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    Holland - Little Monsters vinyl record - released on Atlantic Records in 1985

    This is Michael's first major label debut. The album, by the band "Holland" titled "Little Monsters" features amazing songs along with the production team of "A list" producer Tom Werman and engineer Duane Baron. It has reached the level of a cult classic. The music on this album really touched the hearts of people who saw the band, know the music. Tom Holland was an incredible, soulful singer as well as great songwriter.  Add MAB's writing ability and great playing along with the super tight rhythm section of Brad Rohrssen on Drums and Joey Cetner on Bass and you have the unique sound of "Holland." The album's offered are in great condition. There are only 3 available. Once they are gone. That's it. Michael will autograph it for you as well.

    Track list:

    Side 1: 1. Love In On Time 2. High Life 3. Middle Of A Dream 4. Borderline 5. Wake Up The neighborhood

    Side 2: Sacrifice 2. Gotta Run 3. Basics Of The Bullet 4. Keep It To Yourself 5. I Want It