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C4 Call to Arms

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C4 Call to Arms - release date 2000

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"Call to Arms" begins with the song "Gotta Run". The intro starts with a signature clean guitar riff then the vocals. Progressing from dynamically soft, the song blasts into the "Gotta Run" chorus. This is a great tune. The guitar solo starts out very tasteful then Michael rips into an incredible A minor 2 handed arpeggio ending on one of his signature super fast, clean, high alternate picking runs. All this in a song that is a little over 4 minutes! Track 2 "Love in on Time" begins with a neoclassical guitar lead played at blinding speed then breaking down into the main lead vocals. The lead and background vocals are exceptional as both parts interact and are woven together into the texture of the verses. Some of the other stand out tracks include the haunting "All I Want" and "High Life". "Basics of the Bullet" begins with a signature bass and drum groove then explodes into a high octane guitar rhythm motif. This heavy, funky song has a great feel, is well written and again has a devastating guitar solo by Michael. This is a strong debut from a great new band. After one listen you will be humming the songs and shaking your head as to how Michael played so tasteful, yet ripped and didn't hold anything back. The production sounds thick, loud, clean and punchy. A fantastic record.

Track listing in order:

1. Gotta Run 2. Love In On Time 3. Call to Arms 4. All I Want 5. That's When It Hurts 6. Heartbeat 7. Basics of the Bullet 8. High Life 9. I Want It 10. Crazy Love