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2 X Again CD

2 X Again CD - release date 2007 by M.A.C.E. Records

“2 X Again” features songs from MAB’s classic “No Boundaries” and “Planet Gemini” CDs re mixed, re mastered and the drums performed by Joe Babiak. Also included are various interludes and demos recorded during the “No Boundaries” sessions that are a “must have” for MAB fans. The mix and production of “2 X Again” are amazing. Chris Wisco (“HWS” CD) tracked the drums and mixed the entire CD. James Murphy (ex Testament, Death guitarist) mastered the CD. The cover photo was taken by Stephen Jensen and the CD artwork and graphics were designed by Paul Kuhr.

Track listing in order: 1. Intro: The Forest Primeval 2. Rain Forest 3. 2 X Again 4. No Boundaries Intro 5. No Boundaries 6. Time Traveler 7. Peace 8. Acoustic demo 9. I Do For You 10. Science Fiction 11. Planet Gemini 12. The Jam Game 13. Outsideinside 14. Allegory of the Cave demo