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Michael Angelo Batio is an icon of Rock and Metal guitar. He is known worldwide for his amazing fretwork, his innovative and original live show, his inventions such as the "MAB Over-Under technique," the V shaped Double-Guitar and his incredible sense of humor between songs during his concerts.

The Michael Angelo Batio band features lead vocalist Marsy Flame, bassist Andy DeLuca and drummer Nathan Zihala.

Michael met Marsy in Milan, Italy where they filmed a music video that received great response.

Marsy was then recruited to sing for Michael's band on a Europe tour in 2017 and now she is the vocalist with the MAB band in the USA. She is a great singer. She was on "The Voice" in Ukraine and She is a prolific songwriter.


The MAB band also features the incredible bassist Andy DeLuca who has performed with James LaBrie (Dream Theater,) Chris Poland (Megadeth) and fusion guitar great Guthrie Govan among others. Andy has performed with Michael starting in 2010.

The MAB band band also features 18 year old Drum phenom Nathan Zihala.

Michael has performed shows in 58 countries.

The Michael Angelo Batio band features Michael's incredible and popular original music plus his fantastic versions of artists such as Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Pantera and more.

The show also includes Michael's "Rock and Roll Hall of fame" inducted Double-Guitar!


MAB OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM PAGE over 60,000 followers

MAB "Speed Kills" video over 18,000,000 views

MAB Double-Guitar video over 9,500,00 views

Michael was voted the "No. 1 Shredder of ALL TIME" by Guitar One Magazine.

Michael invented and was the world's 1st player of the V shaped, twin neck Double-Guitar.

Michael has over 100,000,000 views on YouTube.

In 2017 Michael performed a fantastic Double-Guitar version of the USA national anthem, played live at a Special Olympics event. A video of the performance was posted by a fan, has gotten over 1,500,000 views on Facebook.

"The most blazing guitarist on the planet," Guitar World Magazine

"Laser guided fretwork and the fastest of fingers, Michael Angelo Batio is practically a God. Seriously!" Total Guitar Magazine in the U.K.

BOOKING in the USA and North America

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