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MAB Endorsements

Michael uses and endorses the following instruments and musical equipment.


Michael uses Dean Guitars exclusively.

Michael has many signature models available in every price range.

To view his signature guitar series from the Dean Guitars site click here.

M.A.C.E. Music is an authorized dealer of Michael's signature guitars. You can purchase one here from our store.

Michael has a neck position signature pick up from Dean Guitars called the "HWS." It is a "hot" pick up and resonates with a thick, mid range sound that helps give Michael his "signature lead tone." For more information on Michael's "HWS" pick up click here.

Michael uses DV MARK amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

They sound fantastic! To go to the DV Mark site click here.

Pictured below: Michael with his DV Mark amplification touring rig.

Michael signed with an amazing company for FX pedals called Aroma Music.

Aroma Music has released 3 MAB signature nano FX pedals - an Over Drive pedal, a Delay pedal and a Chorus pedal.

Michael's new signature nano fx pedals from Aroma Music are now available at Amazon! Click here for the Over Drive pedal, the Chorus pedal and the Delay pedal. The MAB signature FX pedals are durable an sound amazing!

They are a great company with great products!


MAB String Dampener, Signature Picks, Gig Bag, Strings and Cables

Michael Angelo Batio, with the ChromaCast company, now has MAB signature guitar picks, the MAB String Dampener, signature guitar strings and signature cables available.

Click here to order any or all of the great MAB signature products from Chromacast!

All of these signature MAB products are sold exclusively through ChromaCast!

The MAB String Dampener is only $19.95!

MAB Signature gig bag


Michael invented and was the world’s first player of the twin-necked, left and right-handed Double-Guitar. He plays the guitar right handed and/or left-handed. He also plays both guitars together in harmonies or two separate parts together at the same time.

When asked how he came up with the idea of the twin-necked V shaped guitar Michael's response was: "I wanted to do something on guitar that no one had ever done before and I did it. I wanted to do something different- not be better or "cooler" than other guitarists, just different".

1. The guitar has a truly left-handed neck and a truly right-handed neck.

2. The basic shape is described as a "Twin-necked, V-shaped guitar."

3. The guitar is not strapped around the shoulder like a "normal" guitar but uses one strap around Michael's neck. This gives Michael free access to play either neck (right or left) or both at the same time.

4. The MAB String Dampeners which Michael invented and patented make the Double-Guitar virtually "feedback free."

Michael's first version of the Double-Guitar was actually two separate guitars. He took a "Flying V" guitar and fastened it to a snare drum stand. This was a right-handed guitar faced in a left-handed playing position. Another "V" was strapped (right-handed) around his shoulder. He played the left side first, then the right side, then both at the same time. The Double-Guitar has come a long way since then. Dean guitars built the first "factory" custom Double-Guitar.

Next, Michael and guitar tech Kenny Breit came up with a new way to attach the two guitars. They took a flight case latch and retrofitted it to the back of each instrument. Now it took about 5 seconds to put the Double-Guitar together.

When Michael first performed the Double-Guitar "in concert" it started to "feed back" when he began to play both guitars at once. Immediately after that show he started thinking about some way to dampen the strings (when he played both guitars at the same time). Something that could stop noise at high volumes and be moved out of way when it wasn't being used. Michael invented The “MAB String Dampener.” It is adjustable and fits any guitar. The "MAB String Dampener" has gone through several new modifications and is available through M.A.C.E. Music.

Michael has had custom made Double-Guitars built for him by Dean Guitars (Mike Lipe) and Wayne Charvel for Gibson guitars and BC Rich guitars.