Michael Angelo Batio teaches his signature song, No Boundaries, note-for-note in his newest video guitar lesson. Program includes on-screen animated tab, backing track, Guitar Pro files, and booklet.  This is an awesome lesson. Check it out here.

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We are a music company founded by Michael Angelo Batio featuring and selling MAB CDs, MAB DVDs, The MAB String Dampener, MAB T Shirts, posters and more, directly or through other distributors to over 40 countries around the world.

We have been on line since June of 1996 making us one of the first music companies to be on the internet.

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Michael Angelo Batio “What You’re Doing” (RUSH cover) featuring: Todd LaTorre (Queensryche), Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper), Kurdt Vanderhoof (Metal Church), Jeff Plate (Metal Church / TSO) and Craig Blackwell (Mixed by Chris “The Wizard” Collier) – Order your copy of “Shred Force 1″ today at http://www.ShredForce1.com

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Michael Angelo Batio is an icon of Rock and Metal Guitar.

He is known worldwide for his amazing fretwork, his innovative and original live show, his inventions such as the MAB “Over-Under Technique,” the V shaped twin “Double-Guitar,” the 4 necked “Quad Guitar” and his incredible sense of humor between songs.

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Voted Fastest Guitarist
by Guitar World Readers


IT’S OFFICIAL! Michael came in 1st place and WON the Guitar World Magazine reader’s choice award as “The Fastest Guitarist of All Time.”

Not only did Michael win 1st place, but he won 1st place by a HUGE margin! Over 440,000 votes were cast!

Thanks to everyone that voted!